Which is the most efficient system of hands drying?

Hand dryer 48%
Paper towel 48%
Other option 3%
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Events & Exhibitions
ISSA Interclean

Higiene Lacroix is the first romanian company envolved in the international fair Interclean ISSA Warsaw edition 2013. ISSA Interclean is the main European event in the field of occupational hygiene and cleanliness. Organized every two years in Europe Amsterdam, Warsaw, Istanbul, and the new American continent in USA - Orlando and Mexico City in Mexico. Among the products presented at the fair ISSA Interclean Higiene Lacroix aroused particular interest in the new range of hand intelligent dryers Fluxo. Ventura Fluxo hand dryer, jet drying system hands equipped with a reliable brushless motor dries hands within 10 seconds. Also Fluxo DryAR hand dryer is distinguished by some special main characteristics: Eco-Logical system of drying the hands with reduced energy up to 70% , ionizer and air freshener built-in. Also new range of brushed steel paper and soap dispensers LePapier is distinguished by reliability and price.

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